lower extremity lymphedema - gyn cancer

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I would like to hear from people who have had a gynecologic cancer and have lymphedema.
Did you ever hear that this would be a risk of treatment?
Which kind of cancer did you have? What treatments did you have?
How bad is your lymphedema?
How do you control it?

Do you know that Medicare will not pay for your compression bandages or garments?
Did you know there is a bill in the Congress (HR 4662) to mandate that there is appropriate coverage for lymphedema?



  • jazzy1
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    I've not had this but can mention what others I know have dealt with these issues. Friend had breast cancer and big issues with lymphedema in her arm, due to nodes in breast area removed. She has been doing lots of water aerobics which wasn't quite helping at the level for pain. Found a good medical supply facility here which works with people with lymphedema....basically getting fitted for compression bandages. Her bandage goes from her palm to the upper part of her arm. Her group insurance did pay, but she had to fight like hell to get it. If not mistaken the gal at this med supply facility gave her some suggestions, possibly even talking to her insurance, to get pproval. Sorry Medicare isn't covering, but that really doesn't surprise me at all. Do you have other insurance?

    I've got uterine cancer and thusfar (cross my fingers and toes) no lymphdema. I'm a very big advocate on working out (run, walk fast, yoga and weights), and wondering if this movement is helping the juices to flow. Just a guess surely not a professional. My doc mentioned lymphdema would be possibility, but that ended our subject as no issues at this time. By the way I completed chemo and radiation last July, and NED today.

    What type of cancer do you have? Type of treatments? When completed treatments?

    Best of luck and hang in there....we all can relate to the battles with or cancer and now after-affects from treatments. Crazy isn't it?