What should you eat while being treated to Cancer?

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What are good foods to eat while in treatmant for Neuroblastoma?
I've heard that Chemo therapy can twist up your taste-buds, is this a NORMAL side-effect?


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    I don't really remember my
    I don't really remember my taste buds getting twisted up =)
    I think if you eat plenty of healthy foods to keep up your strength,you should be good. The only thing i would say,is ask your oncologist if there are any foods which you CAN'T eat with your chemo drugs.

    When i was on my chemo for Hodgkins lymphoma, i was told by my onc that i could not eat:
    banana's, cheese, Marmite (which is a yeast/malt savoury spread) and alcohol.

    These foods would react with the drugs i was taking. Maybe this is why i didn't get sick or have too much illness during my chemo.
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    i was told that i couldnt
    i was told that i couldnt eat raw foods because of the bacteria in them. chemo kills your all your blood cells so your white count will be low during treatment and a while after. but i have leukemia. it could be different for you.