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I understand that there is a website that we can develop to inform friends and loved ones of our progress...kind of like a blog. Can anyone tell if there is and how I might go about getting one or developing one?

Thanks ever so much



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    Pat, I believe there is one
    Pat, I believe there is one called You can create your own "story" on line. Good luck.
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    MyTurn is correct~ it is
    MyTurn is correct~ it is indeed caringbridge!
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    another great site
    Another great website is This one seemed a little more user friendly to me, but it at are both great!!!!!
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    There's one right on the ACS
    There's one right on the ACS site as well...In the blue box, very last link..."Circle of Sharing".

    I started out planning to use it, but didn't...i didn't try any others, so can't speak to ease of use or differences. I did think the idea was pretty good though. You can save articles and stuff specific to your diagnosis and treatment and make them "public" for all the people you add to your cirlce.

    Good luck w/this...
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    Thanks for the Info
    I created a website on I've got so many people that want me to keep them updated (work friend, relatives that live a distance away, church friends, etc.) that this will be the best way to keep them informed without having to write the same thing over and over again.

    Thanks a million for the info. This will truly help. You're great pink sisters :)

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    I use
    Very easy to use.

    Good luck,