painful finger/toes & rash

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hello, my husband had cisplatin / doxcatel.. and his fingers/toes r burning numb throbbing, he cant even get in his wallet, it started after his last treatment,how long will this last ?????????? he also has a very bad skin rash that itches, nothing works on the rash, dose anyone know of anything that works on the rash??????? he had tears & runny nose witch has stop, xoxox annmarie


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    chemo rash found help
    hello, the other day i was putting on my Burt`s bees, beeswax & banana hand creme, and i said try this, his hand were so dry & raw, he put it on, the next day his hand improved so much, he`s been using it everyday for the past 4 day , his rash is 75% GONE !!!! He now using it all over, when every he feels the itching he use it,and it stop it, our little miracle, annmarie