Radiation ententis

laneyc Member Posts: 3
Hi my brother was diagnosed with soft tissue cancer, very large tumour, he had surgery in May 2009, removal of bladder and small part of bowel followed by 6 weeks of intense radiotheraphy. A few weeks after the treatment finished he became ill, blockage of bowel, vomiting dramatic weight loss. 3 weeks ago he underwent surgery again to repair the blockage and callopse of bowel. Sadly since he has been going backwards and not recovering well, still problems with eating. They have now said that his intestines do not appear to working. They hope once he regains strength and can get him eating again its possible this may improve.. anyone got any advice we can give to help? we also have the added problem of small cells have now appeared on his lungs. I get the impression chemo is not going to be an option so the ending is inevitable. I just want to try and make it easier by relieveing any pain we can due to the radioation after effects. any advice? regards Lorrain