Clinical Trials?

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Does anyone have an opinion on clinical trials for cancer patients? My mom has stage 4 liver cancer and has tried different types of chemo that have unfortunately not helped. Her next option is to try experimental treatment. Has anyone been a part of clinical trials? Anything you can share that might help? Also, does anyone have any advise on alternative treatments??

Thank you.


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    Clinical Trial
    I just wanted to respond to your question regarding clinical trial. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Sept. 2007. Thank goodness it was in the tail part and not the head of the pancreas, but anyway, when they got the results back from the biopsy, at first, they suggested I have Chemo for 1 month just in case there were any radicals roaming around. Long story short, I ended up doing a clinical trial that was originally recommended for rectial cancer. They said that they were trying it out on the pancreas since there has not been much research on it. I either can't remember or just dont' want to remember but I think I was stage 3. In that clinical trial, I had 6 months of chemo (once a week) and 1 month of radiation (Monday thru Friday). As of today (2 1/2 years later), my check-ups have been fine and my cat-scans have been clean. Unfortunately, my husband lost his job 6 months ago and I have been working as a contractor, and we no longer have medical insurance. I ended up paying all the cost to the trial that the insurance company didn't. If I was smart enough at the time, I would have insisted that I pay nothing for it since it was a "clinical" trial.

    I look at it this way, they are looking for people to do a "clinical" trial, it should be their responsiblity to cover the cost. I'm as due for my 6 month cat scan and waiting for my oncologist to call me to schedule and I still haven't heard.

    Best of Luck to you and your Mom.