1st scan since surgery thursday

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Well tomorrow I will have my first scan since my surgery and I have to admit I am scared to death. I was told by my onc that if the cancer has not spread that she would give me a break from chemo. I have decided that even if she says I can take a break I'm not going to. The way I see it is like this. Its kinda like when your younger and you get in a fight with the bully of the town, You somehow get the upper hand and you get him down, Then all of a sudden he says ok i quit and you let him up, Then he ends up kicking your a s s. Well not me I am going to stay in this fight until I finish him off once and for all. Everyone who is doing chemo knows that getting a break would be great but I am just to scared to quit. I hope I am making the right choice.


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    Be careful
    Make sure your body (and mind) can take it, watch your blood counts, immune system, weight, etc.....Best of luck.For myself, I restart chemo this Monday for four more months and I dread it.....Steve
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    I will be
    sending prayers, good vibes, mojo, etc., you way immediately. Let us know the results.
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    Best luck and best wishes to
    Best luck and best wishes to you with everything.Take care.
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    Sending Good Vibes
    I'm with you!!! I have my CT scan tomorrow and get results on Monday. I want to stay on chemo until they say that they are 100% sure that I am OK. Keeping you in my prayers today!

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    I know what you mean about continuing. It felt the same way for me when I had to delay my chemo by just one little week, but I wanted to get it done and over it. Hoping that your scan comes out clear and maybe you don't have to do any more after all. Let us know how things go. Don't tax your body too much though that isn't good either. Sometimes the break just might do your body some good.