"Good Liver Enzymes" in Stage IV Colon Cancer?

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I have a quick question here: when my mom was recently diagnosed with her Stage IV Colon Cancer, she was told that "your liver enzymes are good, so that's a good sign" by one of the doctors. The CT scan showed 1 medium-sized lesion and 2 small lesions on her liver. I am just curious - what should we take from this information about the liver enzymes? Is that a reliable indicator in regards to how well the liver is functioning or perhaps the possibility of those shrinking down with chemo?

Any information would be very helpful. Thanks so much!


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    I have 4 tumors on my liver
    I have 4 tumors on my liver and my liver enzymes have never been elevated. I think elevated liver enzymes are just an indication of the liver working overtime either by something temporarily affecting it or liver damage. The liver is very resilient and will take a lot before it starts to show signs of stress. I think it just means that it`s a good indicator that the liver has not suffered any severe damage.

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    Don't have the answer
    I don't have the answer for you, but just wanted to say that I'm praying for your mom.

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    Thanks, Gail & Eric
    Gail - thanks for the prayers! Much appreciated. We are believing for a miracle.

    Eric - thanks for your personal experience. I guess that's good at least that the liver isn't working "overtime", like you said.