anal cancer

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I have just completed anal cancer treatment. Chemo/radiation. I was diagnosed at Stage II, NO, MO. Fortunatley, I have a great medical team that answers all my ?s. I would like to hear from anal cancer survivors. I will not know if the treatment worked for several months.


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    Anal Cancer
    Dear Z,
    I have not had anal cancer, but I was diagnosed with anal mucousal melanoma. I had 4 surgeries and chemotherapy; also. I am now battling metastasis in the brain with radiation.
    I have been fighting this disease for over 20 months and feel that every battle is worth it. I get more time with my family and friends, I am feeling empowered by my decisions (even when their not the best choices) and I pray for a victory.
    Don't ever give up; you never know what can happen! I have exceeded my expiration date by many months now and my doctors couldn't be happier.
    Best of luck to you,
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    Anal Cancer
    I know that's it been awhile since your post, but I'm new to this game. I was diagnosed on June 3rd with anal cancer. I completed chemo and 32 treatments of radiation. I also was in stage II and at 5cm I'm considered high risk. I'm playing the waiting game at the moment. I hope that you are doing well.