Periosteum Burn after radiation

Chellebug Member Posts: 133
Just wondering if anyone has had this experience. I finished radiation treatments the first week of August '08 after a mastectomy. I still have a few spots that hurt...nothing really helps. I've tried large doses of motrin, ice, exercise, swimming, physical therapy to break up the scar tissue adhesions. Just two weeks prior to radiation I had to have my chemo-port removed because it was in the radiation field. There's quite a large divot where the port used to be. My physical therapist believes that the surgeon cut down to the bone in that spot and that I could have gotten a periosteum burn from the radiation on that part of my rib.

None of my doctors believe it is a bone metastasis, so they are not ordering any additional scans because my bone scans in October came back fine.

So, any advice in how to deal with this chronic pain would be welcome? Will it ever go away?