NED after five years - been away a while!

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Hi all,
I posted on these boards a few years ago, after surgery for colon cancer in 2003 when I was 38.

Since then I kind of disappeared, but I was just tidying up my favourites in my browser when I was reminded of this site so I thought I'd post an update.

Quite simply, I've been getting on with life! I'm now 44, no evidence of disease whatsoever with just an annual blood test, and a colonoscopy every two years. I've been working full time since early 2004, and I think it's fair to say I'm a picture of health.

My kids are nearly grown up, with my youngest being 14. Thanks to the miracles performed by modern medicine I've been here for them and if anything the cancer made us closer.

Only last year I finally got some genetics results which show I've got the 'MSH6' mutation (a form of HNPCC) so now the whole family's getting tested. My mum never had colon cancer, but did have endometrial, gall bladder and kidney primaries in her last twenty years - and it turns out it's all got a common cause.

That's why I have the two-yearly colonoscopy, so at least any more CRC will be picked up.

While I still have to worry about any new cancers I really don't think about my cancer now - I've gone from thinking I might not be here in a few years, to assuming I will be.

I hope this update gives some hope to those of you beginning the journey. Mine has been emotional but looking back it's been one of the most emotionally rewarding times of my life as well!


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    Congratulations Sleepy.
    Congratulations Sleepy. My surgeon always reckoned that after 5 yrs a tumor was unlikely to return but as you say he always warned me to watch out for new ones. I had a couple of small polyps removed two years ago and one was pre-cancerous. I was on two yrly scopes but I had one last week and despite not removing anything my GI has asked to see me in a year . Sounds like there may be another crop coming on.
    Staying vigilant is the only way to keep on top of it. Jan will be 11 yrs clear for me.
    I am glad that you have had the time with your family its value is beyond measure.
    My best wishes for a long ,happy,ca free future. Ron.
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    How Awesome
    There were days I would come here 8-10 times. Reading all I could-looking for hope, advice, similiaraties w/my husband and others. I now find I am less and less, not currently in the battle. My husband finished Chemo on 7-31-08. We are actually planning to have the port taken out here in the next month. I hope to get on with life as you did and your story is great and brings such hope to others here. Keep on enjoying what life has to offer. I hope to post here in 5 yrs that my husband is still NED!
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    stage? must feel so happy. i love hearing these stories. I hope and pray to be in the same boat as you in 5 years. Could i ask what stage you were diagnosed? If stage 3 was it a, b, or c?
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    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your news. Your story will inspire others. I'm glad you kept us as one of your "Favorites!"


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    Yay for getting on with your life so well!