Stage 4 Parotid Cancer and Pain in hip

jeffner1234 Member Posts: 5
Hi all! I have stage 4 Partid Cancer. It has spread to my hip and to my breast. The tumor in my breast was removed and did not return. Had radiation treatment on my hip, leasion is still there, but could be dead tissue. I am trying to get some information. My tumor has been removed 3 times. The last time it was removed 3 years ago,and no sign of it, however the pet scans show ativity, and of course with my tumors elswher we know its Parotid Cancer. I went to one radiation oncologist and he would not zapp my neck because their is no lesion that can be seen. On the recommendation of another Dr, he suggested I find a Dr that will. Has anyone else has any info? Also any info on the patch for pain? Or any suggestions on what to do about pain? I am still trying to work full time, but sitting for 8 hours absoluty kills me.