Pregnancy Post Transplant

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Hello... I am a Leukemia (AML APL) survivor and am 11 months post auto stem cell transplant. I am curious to see if there are any survivors who have gone on to have successful pregnancies, meaning delivered a healthy child. I have been told by two RE's that I do not have any viable eggs to use, and must use a donor's eggs with IVF if I ever want to have children.

I'm looking for anyone who might have a positive experience to share with me. Thanks so much!


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    Good News
    Hi Erin78,

    I am 13 years post an Allo BMT for AML. I spent the last 13 years battling with the notion that I could not conceive children and researching the options. I spoke with oncologists, internists, and fertility doctors. My husband and I finally came to term with IVF using a donor's egg and then 7 weeks ago, we found out that I was pregnant. Currently, I am 14 weeks pregnant. Obviously, it is difficult to know what will happen but at this point, everything is going well; the child is healthy and growing normally (knock on wood). With that being said, I have very reputable oncologists that are considering this to be some sort of medical miracle. I think the important thing is to stay optimistic and healhty but also remember that in the end, you are a survivor. Best of luck.
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    My husband has APL and

    My husband has APL and is about to have a autoBMT. I would love to hear about your experience with this. Thank you