OK CT scan

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I got the results of my latest scan and things are stable at this time. That is good since I had more tumors grow and develop on the Folfiri. I have also done 16 rounds of Folfox before that. Dx. 6/06 Stage IV with mets to liver(inoperable, too many) An interesting thing on the scan results says that there are so many mets that they can't really be sure, but the onc says it looks stable to him. My CEA count also went down from 34 to 21. So, I remain on the Irinotecan, Avastin and Erbitux. Doing pretty well on it...no complaints. My best to all. Linda


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    "Stable" is a good word and so is "unremarkable" in the language of cancer. We are all striving to hear one of those two words. It's great that your tumors are responding to treatment!
    Jo Ann
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    Hey Linda, So happy to celebrate "stable" with you!!! Love to hear that your CEA went down.

    Keep chugging along....I think you can, I think you can!!!

    We will all chug along together!!

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    It was great to hear your news. I think you are an inspiration to everyone on these boards. I hope you continue to be "stable" and hope are pray that it will improve.

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    Hi Linda,

    Stable and lower CEA are very good - great job! We will continue to hope and pray for increasingly better results for you (lower CEA and reduction in tumors).
    Hugs! Katie
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    It sounds good that your CEA level went down. Here's to even better results in the near future!

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    I am happy to read that your scan shows that things are stable for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you, Audrey.
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    God Bless. Stable is very good news. I remember your first posts. Am so glad that your chemo regiman is going well for you. Keep the faith. Hugs and God Bless.