follow up post radiation therapy

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Saw my radiation oncologist today. I completed radiation therapy in 2003. He said he wants to follow me annually for 10 years. I was surprised, after 5 years I thought I'd just be seen by my primary doctor. Is this normal?


  • Pretty much. Not only does he want to know how you are doing but he is probably keeping 'records' on the survival and health status of all his patients. I began my cancer journey in 1986 and I still get 'update requests' from my radiation department annually.
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    that's interesting. My Rad doc said nothing about 'check-ups' then again maybe cuz I moved outta state?
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    The only reason I would not, is that my insurance refused to far, I have self-paid the visit...I REALLY liked my rad-oncologist...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I just saw my radiation oncologist yesterday. He said that he would see me again in a year and that would take me past the 5yr mark and if everything was ok then he would release me.

    I see nothing wrong with check ups for 10 years. More is better. Especially when keeping a check on this beast.
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    I have no idea what's "normal", if there is such a thing. I am still doing radiation, so I am far from your stage. If I was in your place, I would definitely ask why. If it is for record-keeping and adding to the statistical information that could help anyone at all in the future, I would certainly do it, myself. Otherwise, I might ask about doing check ups every 2 years, if there are no suspicious problems. Another thing to think about: for me, the Oncologist who did the original diagnosis and chemo, etc was not the same one who did the radiation, though they worked together as a good team. I would be more interested in being followed up on by the one who did the original diagnosis and chemo, etc. I think. I'm not sure. I guess when I get that far along I'll have to ask more questions that relate to that subject.

    I like the name you have chosen...very hopeful and positive. seof