chronic nausea, no appetite

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My father had lung cancer, mets to brain and spinal cord sheathing. He completed radiation in 11/07. Has had both whole brain radiation and cyber-knife radiation directly to nodules.He has no appetite, and due to chronic nausea and vomiting after eating, he receives nutriants via a GI tube. When he does eat solids , he often vomits the food immediately or 2-3 days later, often in the same form, as if it were never digested at all. Anyone experience anything like this? Drs. do not know what to do, tell him maybe he is constipated... any ideas/ experience with this? Thanks...


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    Hi, am sorry to hear about your father, I also have small cell lung cancer, am inoperable, but had chemo and radiation, was also very sick and no appettite.I forced myself to eat homemade milkshake. toast with margarine, cups of soup, chicken type. I also vomited continuosly. I know this is a terrible disease but is how I got thru treatments. I am now going on seven years,. If I can be of any help, don't hesitate. God bless Mike