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I just had a mastectomy for invasive intraductal bc. My tumor was 1.1 cm and did not spread to the lymph nodes. My tissue is being analyzed in the new Oncotype test and I will have the recurrence score on March 24. It is my understanding that it will either fall into the high or low risk categories of recurrence, or there is also a gray area, or intermediate group. I would like to hear from people who scores fell into the intermediate group, what decision they made (to have or not to have chemo), and how they made that decision. Any information would be appreciated. Also, does anyone know what scores are considered high, low risk, and intermediate risk? Thanks. Ohilly


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    Hi Ohilly,
    I am in a clinical trial called The Tailorx Trial. My primary tumor was 2.5 it was invasive lobular so it had runners going off on two sides. I had a mastectomy 12/15/07. My tissue was analyzed with the Oncotype test and was rated for recurrence at 21. This put me in the middle group for the trial which runs from 11 to 25. The computer then randomly assigned me to the group to receive hormonal therapy only. My oncologist had previously said that he didn't want to give me chemo and was happy with the trials results. I've started Tamoxifen 10 days ago so far so good. Oh, I also had no lymph involvement and er/pr+ her2nue-. Hope this helps you. You can look up more info on Oncotype testing and the Clinical Trial.
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    Te low risk group is 11<; intermediate group is 11><26. High risk is 26> to 100. As you know, I was 36/100 high risk and therefore, chemo followed by arimidex. Yet, my stage was IC and my tumor was 1.7, invasive ductal carcinoma with no node involvement, ER+/PR+, Her2neu. Go figure. I have quoted the Tailor Rx Trial. That's the clinical study I'm in. The rest of the story you know. I'm still hoping low risk for you. Marilynn
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    Here is the URL that explains the test and the scores. The National Cancer Institute is sponsoring the clinical trial for this test. It is called the TailorRx trial and this site explains the scores.


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    Whenever I have to make one of these tough decisions, I think about how I will feel if the cancer reoccurs. Will I decide then that I had done what made sense and that I had fought the good fight? My cancers have not required chemo, but I've had a bunch of surgeries and some intense hormone treatments that have had their own lovely side effects. I researched what might happen and what the positive effects were too. Then I thought about how I would feel if the cancer came back. Then I was ready to say yes to treatment that made sense for me. Good luck! I'm sure you will make the right decision for you.