Stage III & IV Survivor call !!

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Hi !!!
I'm starting a journal....and I tried to go back to get this info, but is taking me 4 ever !!! Could you reply just telling us how long have you been NED ? ( just the years..) Besides, is always good to re write this info so the newbies know all about us .....
Thanks,thanks, thanks


  • KathiM
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    Stage III, dx 11/2004, cancer free 5/, just passed 2 years!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
  • ron50
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    Stage 3 c operated on jan 22/98. Cancer free ever since..91/2 years Cheers ,Ron.
  • taraHK
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    Stage III rectal cancer, diagnosed Dec 02. I've had two recurrences and have officially only been cancer-free for a couple of months (since my last scan) - I finished my last round of chemo a week ago. BUT -- I have been a SURVIVOR since my diagnosis -- 4.5 years ago. I am grateful for every day of those years.
  • Lisa Rose
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    Stage 3c operated on March 20, 2002. Cancer free 5 . 3 years. Lisa Rose
  • jamesrich
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    8 1/2 years
  • usakat
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    Colon cancer stage III dx 5/17/06, NED 1/05/07. Due for scans now...
  • kerry
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    Colon cancer Stage 3, diagnosed 12/19/02. Recurrance 11/04, restaged to Stage 4. Clear scans 3/07, recurrance in lymph nodes 6/07.
  • Glv49
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    Stage IV Dx 7/03 NED since 3/04.

  • impactzone
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    Stage 4, dx 8/06, liver resection 2/07, cancer free 3 months
  • vanser
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    Hi Everyone -
    I am thrilled to be posting here because my mom is officially cancer free since her original diagnosis in January 2003 as Stage 3 (4/20 positive lymph nodes). She unfortunatley had two local recurrences in 2003 which ended up resulting in a permanent colostomy, but since the cancer did not spread anywhere else, they still classify her as stage III.

    I still think about her diagnosis every day and wonder "how much time" I really have.. It has been bittersweet because since her diagnosis I got married and am now expecting her first grandchild - it is so precious to me that she is able to share these memories with me...

  • katienavs
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    dx stage iv rectal 6/06. NED since surgery that was in 10/06, so eight months :)
  • CAMaura
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    Diagnosed stage III October of 2004; as of now, over two years out, still NED!
  • 2bhealed
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    Stage III lymph pos sigmoid colon cancer dx'ed 8/01. Surgery to remove tumor, no chemotherapy. NED 6 years no recurrences!! WOOHOO!

    peace, emily
  • dash4
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    My husband diagnosed Stage IV 10/04...He is not NED, but with weekly chemo--is stable--that makes 2years, 8 months.....figure this counts too!
  • shmurciakova
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    Stage IV /liver met and 2 lung mets, NED 2 3/4 years...
  • neon356
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    diagnosed stage III at age 53, in 1993. That makes 14 years NED! ...Carl
  • Betsydoglover
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    Diagnosed Stage IV in May 2005. NED since late August 2005. Off chemo since late November 2005. That's 1 yr and 10 months NED.
  • rthornton
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    Diagnosed stage IV in May of 2005, went into remission in October 2005, recurrence in July 2006, but NED since my liver resection last August (but I have this thing on my lung that might be new cancer ... probably not, though, will find out after a needle biopsy on Tuesday).
  • Patti1
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    Husband diagnosed 1/5/06 with Stage IV Met to Liv and Lymph Node. Surgery 7/13/2006 Complete Lower Resection and Liver Resection.NED since 7/13/06.Wow. 2 weeks short of a year. Just had a scan last month.
    Thank all for your support
  • jerseysue
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    DX April 05 stage IV colon cancer, had recurrence 10/06 in stomach had chemo and NED as of April 07. So just a few months NED.