Back Pain

survivor1997 Member Posts: 2
I am wondering if any one else has experienced a similar back pain to the one I have. I have been diagnosed with back spasms, although I am not sure that its actually what it is. I have had an MRI, and xrays and everything comes back normal. It has been going on for over a year and a half now, its constant, nothing makes it go away. I recently started seeing a chiropracter and I do not get much relief from that either. The pain keeps me up at night and keeps me from doing things I love to do. I have been a survivor for 10 years now, my check up last year was fine and I have seen several doctors for my back pain, with no one to help. I have tried pain killers and muscle relaxers to no avail. Any one have any advice?


  • cottom
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    I have been in the same situation, before becoming a cancer survivor. Mine was two million miles of driving a semi-truck back and forth across the US, and the cancer from sucking in tons of diesel soot. When they do MRIs, CAT scans, mylograms, and such it comes back as extensive osteophytes, bone spurs. Pain meds and physical therapy, and an absolute refusal to give up and sit down have helped more that anything.
    After the chemo and radiation for a small cell lung cancer spread to my brain, I think my back got better, or everything else got worse.