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Hello everyone. I was wondering if you have any experiences with back aches, and what you did to relieve them. To jog everyone's memory, my mom was diagnosed with NSCLC with mets to her bones (rib and collar) and her lymph nodes. Last week we had this terrible storm and maybe because of the cold, she suddenly had this horrible,horrible back pain the day after. She said it was so painful that on a scale of 1-10 it was a 10 (highest). The pain started going away the next day... first she said it was down to about a 7, then around a 4 the day after, then now it's down to 2... is this normal? I'm worried that cancer cells are invading more places (she's on her 19th day of treatment with Tarceva)... I'd appreciate any help. Thank you.


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    Hi: I suffer horribly with backaches due to arthritis..hope your Mom's back pain is feeling beter..I have been led to believe that if back pain is caused by cancer spread- it does not ebb and flow and get based on what you have said- it does not seem likely that it is related to the cancer..but I'd check it out anyway with the Onc.just so you can set your mind at ease
    Take care
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    I have backaches from surgeries (2) for lung cancer. The muscles in front don't work quite right now and so I get muscles aches in back from the strain. A girdle from Walmart adds enough support that I can usually skip any pain meds. But backaches can be from many things. A nerve could be pinched, a disc could have slipped, a bone could have fractured, who knows. But if the pain returns or continues, I'd go see a doctor and find out what it is. Good luck and God bless!