From very healthy to lung cancer !

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Hello everyone, I am a newbie here. I am so distressed. My husband just turned 70, the perfect picture of health and extremely active, never sick, or taking any meds. 10 weeks ago,bladder infection, would not go away, more tests, bladder cancer, now adrenal gland and lung cancer. He has gone down so fast, as of today he can hardly go up the stairs, and is totally exhausted all the time, night sweats, chills, fevers off and on.The only option is Chemo, which will start in a few weeks, and the prognosis was not good. I just had to get this off my chest here, our children are a great support, but right now they are all so distressed seeing their dad go down so fast also. I know all of you in here have similar experiences, so this is the right place for me to check daily for support and understanding, Thank you for reading, and I am wishing you all GOOD health and healing, Marci


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    Hi Marci,

    I'm feeling the same fears as you because my mother was just diagnosed with lung cancer and we are very scared for her as well. As an inspiration, if you will, you can look at people like my father. He never had a sick day in his life, worked VERY hard at a physically demanding job and while shaving one day, found a lump in his throat. It turned out he had throat cancer. I know what you are feeling when you say that you are watching someone who was so healthy become so sick and weak. That was 11 years ago and my dad is alive and kicking today. :) My dad had 36 session of radiation, numerous sessions in a hyperbaric chamber and major surgeries. As long as you and your children are there to offer him support and love, he will make it through this. Marci, there are so many people who have made it through this and with faith and love, so too will your husband. God bless.
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    Hi Marci. What a stressful time, eh?? Seems like everything was going perfect then all of a sudden nothing is going right. I can emphatize with you. I take a lot of strength from this website as well, with seeing all these survivors alive and kicking after all these YEARS! Waiting for test results and chemo options are definitely frustrating, but we all just have to hang in there. I'm a firm believer in God's healing powers and in miracles, and I will be keeping your family, especially your husband in my prayers. WE CAN FIGHT THIS MARCI!!!!!! IT'S ABOUT TIME WE ALL TAKE CANCER DOWN FOR GOOD! :D:D My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    Doctors do not paint a very rosy picture, I know mine was not I had stage IV lung cancer. Inoperable and incurable, that was July 2005. I have been cancer free since November 2005. I would ask about the new drugs, Tarceva and Avastin. They have helped a lot of people. Make sure they treat your husband the same as if he were 20 years old. I was told that some oncologist will not use Tarceva on older people; also they say they are going to save it for a back up. My oncologist said why save it and he gave me Tarceva 100mg right along with my chemo, Carboplatin and Taxol. My story is posted here just put ernrol in the search widow at the top then click on ernrol at the right. If I can answer any questions let me know.

    Stay positive,

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    Yes, I can relate to this very much....

    We just found out yesterday that my 82-year-old mother, who's frail but had been keeping herself in relatively stable health, has a lung tumor, probably cancerous. The doctor chose to be frank with us about her condition, which was appreciated, but what an unreal, overwhelming feeling nevertheless. I had just read a book that talked about Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's stages of grief and I could feel myself cycling through all the stages as I watched my mother go through them too.

    I can see that the hardest part of this is going to be trying to stay strong and do and say all the right things to help her. Which I know is impossible...nobody always does all the right things. But it's something to shoot for, anyway.
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    Marci, I am 68 and was told by my Family Doc to keep up my healthy lifestyle and come back for another checkup next year.This was last May. In June I had a terrible stomach virus went to ER and by some stroke of fate, the ER physician took a chest X Ray--Followup tests showed a mass on my left lung. Lung Cancer.-- A lobectomy in July and now 4 mos of chemo--- The new oncologist swithced to Platinol and Navabine. It seems to work better than Taxol. Hang in there and continue your support as my wife and sons have with me.