male breast and nipple pain after chemo

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My dad is in remission from lung cancer after a CT scan was taken in late August. At or around the same time, my dad mentioned that his breasts and nipples were tender and sore. Could this be a side effect from the chemo. They symptoms developded roughly around the same time he had his scan, so I don't believe it is breast cancer. Has anyone had this experience. I'd really like to know. He goes to his oncologist in a few weeks, but when he just told me about the problem I immediately became concerned.


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    Hi Scungileen,

    I'm not sure but I would call the Oncologist and ask. Even one of the chemo nurses would know if this is a reaction to the chemo. Have you also looked around on the internet for reactions to the type of chemo he is on? I was on Folfox for colon cancer so not the same and never had that type of reaction. Take care.

    Lisa F
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    Scungileen -

    This is Betsy from the colorectal board (Stage IV - doing well). My chemo was different of course, but I never had such symptoms. Offhand the internet does not reveal anything obvious. I really think you should talk to his oncologist - no need to wait "a few weeks" if there is something you are concerned about or even just something you want to know.

    Take care,