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I posted back in March after my brother had undergone sugery to remove lesions on his liver from colon cancer. That was successful and things were looking up until last week a CT showed two small spots on the other side of his liver. He will see the surgeon for recommendations but he doesn't want more chemo. He describes his neuropathy as feeling like blisters on his fingertips and his feet are painful making walking difficult. I'm just wondering if anyone has found a way to deal with neurpathy or has any words of hope for him? Thank you.


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    You might want to have him check with his doctor about a drug called Neurontin. It was originally prescribed for epileptic seizures, but also has been shown to help with both diabetic and chemo-related neuropathy. I Tried it, and it seemed to work for a little while, and then stopped, so I talked to my doctor and we agreed that it would be better to just take me off the oxiliplatin which was causing the neuropathy in the first place, and I haven't had any noticeable problems since then. I say noticeable because I am also a diabetic and have some residual neuropathy from that which the chemo just made worse.

    Hope this helps your brother. Let me know if you need any other information.
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    Hi Chris -- I am an almost 5 yr survivor of leukemia and I suffer from neuropathy mostly in my feet and a little in my hands. I don't know what your brother has tried, but here are a few things that can help: 1) Neurontin as stated below can help, but people usually develop a tolerance to it and may have to keep increasing the dosage. 2) I currently take CYMBALTA for my depression (diagnosed prior to cancer) and it has had an AMAZING effect on the neuropathy! I have discontinued neurontin entirely. I love it and don't have much in the way of side effects other than dry mouth. 3) I also take 50 mg of ELAVIL generic Amitriptylin at night. It has a good effect on pain, especially nerve pain and works on depression as well. I can't take it just by itself to get relief from the pain, but it does give an extra boost. 4) There is a NEW drug out for neuropathy that I have not tried, but it comes highly recommended as well. LYRCIA -- I am not familiar with how it works or dosage, I am sure you can look it up on web. 5) Capsaicin cream or ointment - comes from a pepper and seems to be the last option for many people. You have to be CAREFUL applying it, as it will burn if it gets in your eyes, etc. I would check with a doctor or pharmacist about dosage, etc. I think you have to be careful how much you use so that you don't burn the skin too. I use a liquid form for my joint pain and inflamation that works unbelieveably better than anything else I have tried, as I can't take arthritis meds.
    Hope something in here is helpful to someone! Blessings to all, tiggertoo