Chemo/No Chemo???

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I posted several months ago about my mother's tumor in her upper right lung. The surgeon was happy that he removed the tumor (approximately 2.5cm, adenocarcinoma) and that all the surrounding lymph nodes were clear. His only concern was that it was quite close to the lining of the lung..which was a bit puckered. Therefore, he has recommended treatment with chemo to follow once she recovered from her surgery....he mentioned the latest study showed that there was less chance of reoccurrence.

She met with her oncologist a few weeks ago, who said she just came back from a conference where the concluded that people in her case should NOT undergo chemo treatment. The oncologist left the decision in her hands and now she is scheduled for her first treatment later on this week.

Does anyone have an opinion on this situation? Your comments are much appreciated. It's a very big decision and your advice is helpful.


Daughter of Lung Cancer Patient