collogen after the Sling

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I had RP almost two years ago and have a problem with Incontinence. I was going to get collogen injections but the doctor talked me into getting the Sling surgery. Well that didn't work. Now I am thinking of collogen injections again. When I went to the V/A they didn't seem interested in doing it. I am military retired so I can go to any military hospital. I don't know if it is at all fesible to get the collogen after the Sling. Any thoughts?


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    Hi. You mentioned that you are retired military. I was just wondering if you are eligible for Tricare for Life? If you are, I couldn't imagine why you would be going to a MTF or VA. You would be surprised of the number of TFL eligibles who are not aware of the program. I found several who are using (Heavens forbid) Kaiser. Of course, I retired 25 years ago which made me eligible. Good luck!!
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    Dear baja,
    I just had the male sling operation last week and up to this point it's a complete success. (See my story on the previus page) I was wondering when and how things went wrong. What was your Uro's experience in this proceedure?
    God bless,