Need a healty soup recipe

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OK gang I need some help here today. I love Chicken soup bursting with spices and nummy flavors but..I can not find one that tastes good unless it is filled with bullion and all of it cruddy chemicals, and salt; or full of sugar. So ..calling on health food cooks. Can ya help a semi-colon out with a recipe that I can actually make in less that 10 hours and it is full of GOOD flavor without the crud. In return anyone that enjoys Curry, it is healthy for you and I curry eggs, chicken, turkey, shrimp and now practicing on veggies. Curry is a great spice. I will be glad to share. My email is Gemms

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    Hi Limey:

    Chicken soups is so yummy! I make my in about 1/2 an hour with a pressure cooker. I get a whole Rosies's organic chicken from Whole Foods and just throw the whole thing in with a onion, 2 stalks of celery and 2 carrots, with the veggies cut up of course. In less than an hour you get very yummy chicken soup and meat that falls of the bones. You can add some ginseng for extra health kick or whatever else that may tickle your taste buds.

    It's a lot cheaper buying whole chicken than choice parts de-boned and skinned. Bones gives more marrow, calcium, taste, and you get collagen from the skin. You will have take out the fat afterwards. I then freeze the broth and use it whenever I need some.

    Once you have the broth, you can use it as stock to make other soups with veggies and beans and not have to overcook your veggies to preserve vitamins.

    Interesting soup mat'l:
    1. Brocolli sprout - loaded with cancer killers and immuno-support. Not brocolli but brocolli sprouts.
    2. Rishi or Glossy Ganoderma mushroom extracts - again, super immuno-builder and cancer fighter
    3. Ginseng - for energy, vitality and immuno-support

    I think I'll change my middle name to immuno!

    I am Chinese and it's an ancient Chinese belief that you can eat your way to health.

    You go Limey! Happy eatin'.

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    Here's my wife's recipe (amounts are aproximate):

    1 whole chicken
    small onion
    fresh parsley
    ground black pepper
    rice or pasta

    Clean chicken (remove organs)
    Salt and pepper cavity
    Fill pot with water to top of chicken
    Bring to boil (covered)
    then simmer without cover for 1.25 hours
    Remove chicken and take meeat off carcus and return meat to soup
    Add veggies and rice or pasta and cook for 3/4 to 1 hour until veggies are soft
    Refrigerate overnight, skim off fat next day
    Reheat...add seasoning (parsley, pepper, what ever you like).