radiation ulcers

beehey Member Posts: 3
I have been finished with treatment for anal cancer for about 3 1/2 yrs now and I have been getting ulcers in the radiation field since March of this year they are extremely painful and no one seems to know how to deal with them I've had them cut out like 4 times now with tissue being taken from other area's to replace what was removed, I'm starting to feel like frankenstien with all the scars I'm accumulating. Is it ever going to stop or are they going to have to keep chopping me up?


  • michelediane
    michelediane Member Posts: 9
    I finished my treatment for anal cancer 3 years ago. I am now a yahoo anal cancer group that has about alot of active members that post daily. There are people that posts daily and it is really easy to communicate with people. Alot of us have these post radiation issues and you might find some good ideas from the group.