Wife's pregnant after my chemo+radiation

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I am a 40 year old man who has been successfully treated for nasopharyngeal cancer in 2002-03 with induction chemotherapy followed by IMRT radiation (I was 37 then). Things have been going well.

I had understood that it was inadvisable for me to have children for some time after I completed treatment because the chemotherapy or radiation or some combination had a small risk of teratogenic side effects after treatment. I am unsure to what degree (if any) that these risks remain in light of the fact that I completed treatment 2 and a half years ago.

Well, you can probably guess where this is heading. My wife (who is 42) is pregnant (8 weeks). Does anyone know if there is anything special that we should do, any test that we should run, or any risk that we should educate ourselves about?


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    First, calm down ok. Your treatment was two years ago if I am understanding correctly. It should be ok. They told me to not get pregnant for 12-18 months after my treatment for a cancer of pregnancy (Gestational Trophoblastic Disease). Don't flip, this is probably not something your wife needs to worry about, it's fairly rare. Anyways, there shouldn't be any serious complications with the baby. One thing that might happen after baby is born, is their teeth MIGHT be weaker than normal. This happened with my son. The dentist informed me it was a calcium deficiency, possibly from my previous chemo. No one really knew if I COULD have children. I had two after treatment, and both were born perfectly healthy. As for the teeth, there's some good news even if it does happen. Yes, cute little baby gets to get caps put on just about every tooth before they are 3, but the adult teeth usually grow in normal as baby's body builds those teeth and not mom's.

    Your baby is more than likely just fine, so calm down a bit and be grateful that you are here to enjoy such a miracle.

    I'm now 10 years past treatment, with a 6 yr. old and a 4 yr. old. And...today I go in for preliminary labs looking for leukemia...YIKES! I'll be ok, no matter what the results of the tests. If it's there I'm determined to fight, and if it's not...then...it's not. I look at it like this, it's something that can always hang over my head. But, the precious kids I was able to have after my bout with cancer are the world to me. And the only thing I want in this life is to live to raise them and enjoy being their mom.

    Congratulations on the baby! So many survivors are not able to have them after their treatment. Consider yourself and your wife lucky and I wish her well with the pregnancy and delivery.