scar tissue

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i was diagnosed with stage 2b hodgkins in july, had 6 months of abvd, and am now almost finished with radiation...only 6 more treatments left...yay!!! i was wondering if anyone else can still feel scar tissue like i can. it really freaks me out! i know that it will most likely always be there, but i am constantly touching my neck and trying to see if i can feel any difference from 5 minutes ago. does anyone else share my fear?


  • lozza
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    Boy, do I! I get (and do) exactly the same thing. I had stage IIB, diagnosed last march/apr. Treatment was 6months abvd and 18 radiation zaps. I have scar tissue but, perhaps not that oddly, it wasn't until my dr. mentioned that my neck was a bit lumpy I really started monitoring it - he always said it was there and that it was absolutely nothing to worry about.However, now, say if I go to scratch my neck, for a second I think something's bigger. I'm repeating myself from another message, but I've enlisted the help of my boyfriend (added stress for him, but it was either that or go crazy). If I freak-out he checks my neck for me. Says nothing's changed from the last time. Show's me on his neck where everyone has lumps and bumps - it helps.(any close friend/family member you trust should be able to help). Apart from that I just keep on with a mixture of relaxation, and rationalisation and plan old pushing worries to the back of my mind. I hope this doesn't sound too fatalistic but I also sometimes think that as the dr. wont do anything till my next scan there's no point in worrying till then (although I'm also safe in the knowledge that if something was really up he'd do something). Anyway, I've gone on for long enough, when all I really wanted to say was yes, I know what you're on about.Don't worry you're not alone!
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    I was diagnosed with HD IIB in Nov of 2002 and went through 12 weeks of Stanford V and 4 weeks of radiation (all clear now). Mine was mainly in my chest and not really my neck so I know there is scar tissue in there from the scans, but I can't feel it....which is a VERY good thing!! I would probably be doing the same thing that you are. :-) I am sure your doc would tell you if something was up.