Loosing hair 5 years after chemo!

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Hi, Im 33 and have had 2 cancers in 4-5 years. I had chemo in 99-2000 and lost all my hair...then it grew back. I am now about 5 years post chemo and my hair is dropping out at an alarming rate. All my blood tests are normal. Is anyone experiencing this? Is it okay to use rogain or does that cause cancer too?
Any response would be helpful!


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  • akenig
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    Hi Mary,
    There is a great natural product that might help you. It has antitumor and anticancer activity and much more. Also it helps to restore hair. I witnessed myself that it helps with hair. It's a very safe and serious product, as well admitted by the medical community. If you would be interested to get more info about it, do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected]
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