Last chemo!!!!

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Hi, I've not posted for a while but I've been reading every day - but I'm trying to forgot that I've ever had cancer...

Today is my 30th AND LAST chemo!!!! Rejoice!!!!
30 weeks of 5FU and nausea - soon to be over!

Only thing is, without chemo to concentrate on I'm beginning to think more about what might happen next and my own mortality - I suppose that's what it's like in the Waiting Room.

I'll continue logging in every few days, and keep you posted on progress - either it'll be bad news and I'll need some shoulders to cry on, or it'll be good news to give others hope. Either way, I'll be back!


  • Tessyann
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    Congrats :) Now that chemos over hope you enjoy a wonderful summer :)
  • Kanort
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    What a great feeling. I'm not too far behind you as my last treatment will be soon, depending on my blood levels. Enjoy your freedom and believe that you are healed.


  • taraHK
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    Oh what wonderful news. Congratulations! You did it!

    Yes, there is Life in the Waiting Room. But, that's another story. For now, as you yourself so rightly said - REJOICE!

    Wishing you all the best,
  • kerry
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    Congratulations on the LAST chemo treatment!! I finished mine about 10 months ago and everyday off of chemo gets better. I don't consider us in the "waiting room". It is the RECOVERY ROOM! Rejoice and enjoy life! Hooray!

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    Oh Sheepy,
    I can't wait to join the ranks of post-chemo patients, and I do like Kerry's title of Recovery Room. A friend calls it Survivor Mode. I hope you enjoy each day, and manage to live well despite the "what if?". Life is short for everyone, we've just been privileged to have a wake up call.
    Have a great summer. Judy
  • MelStar
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    Whoo-hoo! That's fantastic! It's wonderful! I'm very happy for you! Doing a happy dance in your honor.....

  • Sheepy
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    MelStar said:


    Whoo-hoo! That's fantastic! It's wonderful! I'm very happy for you! Doing a happy dance in your honor.....


    Thanks all!

    Yep, I like 'Recovery Room' as well.

    Only trouble is, it's back to work full time now. I've got a couple of weeks in Greece in the summer (just before the Olympics) - looking forward to that, assuming they've actually finished building the villa.....
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    Hi Sheepy congrats, I had 48 sessions of 5fu over a year so I know how u feel. Don't be surprised if u start to feel slightly abandoned ,u have had all of this treatment for so long then nothing and with it comes the feeling that time that should be used to fight the cancer is being wasted. Well waiting is part of the treatment your poor old bod has copped about as much harsh treatment as it can take so try to relax and go with the flow for a while. It gets better as u go and eventually you will accept that it is gone. I'm almost up to 7 yrs post colon ca and life has returned to almost normal except for extreme vigilance in regard to scopes ect. ,good luck for the future and a long life Ron.