Depression and Agoraphobia

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My lovely sister who has endured radical radiotherapy for throat cancer, numerable near-death experiences with pneumonia, etc, permanent insertion of a 'peg' through which to feed, and the loss of a partner who couldn't stay the course is now, 4 years on, suffering from anxiety, depression and fear of going out at all. She lives alone and does not work. Until this year she had developed a pattern of periods of well-being when she would go out and periods when she would take to her bed, but her bed is definitely winning at the moment! Has anyone else experienced this and can anyone offer advice? Her friends and other members of the family are impatient and pushing her to go out which is increasing her anxiety.


  • dickl
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    My God why wouldn't your sister have psychological problems after what she's been through. My son underwent a BMT at age 8 and 8 years later were still battling psychological and neurological problems. We have sought psychiatrists and psychologists to help,with medication and patience,love, and understanding. We have made small improvements but it is not something other people can hurry or put their values on the problems. They have not been where your sister has had to go and face the things she has faced. Stay in touch if you wish.

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    I am just in only my second stage of remission from ovarian cancer and am 34 yrs old, I too suffer from dpression and agoraphobia and many other things too!! I have sought psycological help and am on different meds for these conditions along with my maintenance meds. Only time, love and patience can help someone get through something like this, dont push too hard but it is good every once in awhile to push them to get out and enjoy something. My husband and kids made me promise to go fishing with them last weekend and for as much as I did not want to go, (not because of them mind you but just because its very difficult for me) and I actually had a great time. I was very anxious at times, and moody on and off but they were good with me. Take it one day at a time!
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    I am 6 yrs. out and have suffered MUCH from bouts of depression since. Please encourage your sister to seek a professional. The chemo causes our Serotonin in our brains to get way out of whack, which has prob. happened to your sister. Believe me, anti-depressants help; unfortunately, it could take up to 12 wks. for them to work and when you are in the lowest of lows, that is a long time. When depressed, I always thought I would be better off not living, but thank God, I am much, much better today. I have had about 7 bouts of depression tha lasted for 6 months at times, but there is help. Make her go see someone. She won't go on her own while she is depressed. She probably can't see the light from the bottom of the well, so push her!