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I am so tired of this... my wife had cancer for the first time 10 years ago, when she was only 20 years old. She went through a VERY painfull chemo and after 3 years, they told her she was cured. 2 years later, cancer was back... 2 more years of chemo and radiation, this time even MORE painfull. Again, they said she was cured.

Last year we got married, moved to Canada and we were living our happy life together... now cancer is back AGAIN!!! WHEN is she going to have some rest??? WHY is this happening to her??? I can't stand her to go through all that pain again, I feel like the uselest person in the world, watching her hurting and doing nothing about it...

I really don't trust any doctors anymore, they don't have a clue about what they are doing, the only thing they know is to give her VERY TOXIC drugs which eat her inside and make her scream with pain and feel the worst... we don't wanna go through that again, is there anybody here aware of other types of treatments, which don't cause pain and suffering? I read some articles about people who chose to not go through chemo, only special diets with lots of vegetables and fruits, and they are doing fine. Maybe something with lots of vitamins, I dont know...

I really appreciate any input on alternative, PAINLESS treatments for cancer. She has acute lymphocytic leukemia, and she cannot have a transplant. She's doing fine for now, she stopped working but she can still do normal things in our house.

Thanks a lot,



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    I am sorry to hear that you are going through so much. We all would like to believe that alternative treatments to chemo, etc. will work. The problem is, while they may make us feel better, they should not be used in the place of the traditional treatment methods. To lessen suffering is the goal of all of us. Whatever helps you and your wife, do so, but please don't replace the traditional methods. The alternatives sound great, but they don't cure cancer. I am happy to help if I can.
    Been there.
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    Hi there, I have had thyroid cancer for three years. I do alot of research. There is this cancer tea. It would be very easy for you to get since you are in canada. A woman got the recipe from canadian indians. It has had very remarkable
    outcomes. the name of the tea is essiac or if I have missspelled it, it is on a web site under cancer teas. The name of the tea os the name of the woman who discovered it spelled backwards. It is not expensive, doesn't have side affects when mixed with medications and I have just ordered mine. You drink it or times a day. Please check it out. My e-mail is [email protected]. If I can be of any help. God bless, Torey2004
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    My Mom has a brain tumor, and she has studied for years about alternative Therapies. I agree with you about losing faith in Doctors. They work in certian ways, but again, they toxify you to the point of poison. It is essential to use organic foods and certain herbs to help detox the body and strenthen the immune system, which will help with the side effect thing. It's a tough call as to go totally tox free , because certian cancers can only be treated so much with vitamins.
    My mom is drinking essiac tea as well, and has had a few improvements , mostly with higher energy levels. She gave up coffee,dairy Cigaretts,refined foods and sugar, all processed foods, meat, except certain fish, and is eating only organic fruits and vegies, and making vegetable peels / greens broth from a certain anti cancer diet she found from a friend that had hepatitus .Cananda is ripe with alternative therapies. Check online , but beware of scams. In conjunction with the detox ,The Gerson Therapy is good, but not if you've had chemo , it's a major detox treatment, but you cna only do it in Mexico and arizona... Worth a look though. There is pain relief with accupunture, self hypnosis, cranial sacreal body therapy, art and music therapy.Some things to consider, I hope it helps. I'm with you on the chemo ... it is not good for anyone, even if it seems like the only option, it may not be. But do your homework. All the best, BK
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    Dear Frajola,
    I am sorry to hear about your wife. I have been searching all around to find a treatment that can cure cancer without going through chemo or radiation. Unfortunately, I don't think any of them are can cure cancer without using the conventional radio and chemo treatment. Alternative cancer therapy are useful to complement the existing conventional treatment. Maybe it helps as well in preventing relaps but I don't think it is wise to rely completely on them. Anyway, it is no harm to learn and read more about other alternative treatment available. But, most importantly, make sure the treatment suggested is clinical trial proven and it is safe. If you like, maybe you can visit Bill henderson's website at: . He spent 12 years researching all the effective alternative treatments of which all of them are proven by human cancer patients clinical trials. Bill's wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, suffered greatly and passed away. He did not manage to find the most effective treatment to save his wife. Till then, he decided to learn about cancer in depth and compiled the most effective and reliable alternative cancer treatment that are able to increase cancer patients survival rate.

    Hope this information is helpful to you.

    God Bless...
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