Moving to another treatment facility.

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My sister is fighting a recurrence of fallopian tube cancer after a 10-year remission. Ten years ago, she had a TAH-BSO. The recurrent disease was "optimally debulked" from the lymph node. She has completed about 5 or 6 different chemo courses in the last two years, including platinum drugs, Topotecan, Doxil, Gemcitibine and perhaps one or two others. The tumors are growing and her doc is now treating this as a "chronic" condition and placing her "in God's hands". This facility and her oncologist are excellent, but place little value on the mind-body connection. We live in a small state and need to find a place with more aggressive, broader-scoped treatment. We are considering Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Does anyone have any knowledge of their treatment. Are they cutting-edge or just a profit machine? Basically, we are looking for a facility which effectively combines cutting-edge oncology with nutrition and other auxilliary treatments. We need to make a decision rather quickly. I would really appreciate any information you can share on this resistant cancer. Thank you.


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    I don't know much about this form of cancer but here in Ohio,The James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State University is considered the best in the midwest. The network of Cancer Treatment Centers may offer the best in treatments as well comprehensive care.

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    Dulcinea - You didn't say where you live, but here in RI we have some pretty progressive programs. I don't know about Cancer Treatment Centers of America but maybe you should post a message about them specifically