Robotic Surgury

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On October 22, I had my prostate removed via a robotic surgury technique. The recovery stats I viewed before surgury regarding incontenence and erections looked excellent. However, it has been four weeks since surgury and I still have a catheter in since there is some sort of leakage in my bladder. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had experience with recovery from this type of surgury.


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    Where did you have your surgery preformed at? I am considering robotic surgery in February at UCI, California.
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    Hi. I also had my prostate removed via a laproscopic procedure that used the Da Vinci robotics system. Fortunately, all went well and I was only on a catheter for a week after the surgery. Stress incontinence was a problem for a few weeks. Impotence seemed to be less of a problem
    Right now I'm coming up on 12 weeks post-op and everything's working fine. My PSA test came back less that .1 last week. Despite the great news and positive results, I'm a little depressed. I think I was so intent on ridding myself of this cancer that I didn't have much time to think about the gravity of the whole situation.