9 Months After Chemo

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Hello All,
I finished Chemo Taxotere/Carbo for stage 2 Ovarian Cancer Feb 03. Had further surgery for a hernia repair on the original surgery in May 03. I am doing better all the time. Have Joint (Hip and Leg) but once I get going I am ok. That seems to stay with me, so I keep moving. Have swelling still at times from the steroids given during chemo. So I watch my salt intake. I am so thrilled my cancer had not spread outside the Ovary. The tumor was attached to everythig, but no cancer cells. My CA125 is at 7, checked every 3 mos. My hair is back, straighter and finer but back! My 2nd surgery for the hernia did complicate the recovery. I will have lifelong restrictions on lifting etc. I have "tired" days but they are fewer. I seem to have good stamina on most days. Overall I have learned that I was so lucky to catch this terrible aggressive cancer early. So grateful that I am and an have always been strong and healthy. My friends and family laugh with me about the ocassional "Chemo Brain". I have great support, great spiritual faith and a family that supports me during the bad days. Cancer and recovery from the tratment is NOT for whimps! Getting where I am today is teaching me to laugh, keep moving, eat healthy foods, love, and appreciate each day. I keep a journal, started it during my ordeal and love it! All of you laugh and love every day! Even the scared tired days! Write it down in you journal then put it away. It really works. God willing we are all going to have this behind us!


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    Hi Blue,

    How are you doing sweetie? I stumbled on your post, and see it dated back to November. You sound like you're ready to fight for life. Post back and let us know how things are.