Loss of function of the leg

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I have a friend at my workplace that finished radiation for testicular cancer last Aug.He was fine for a few months. But in the past months has lost control of one leg. He does not experience pain but has developed a severe limp that is now causing pain in his hip and back. He has had all the tests; emg,mri's,ct's and the docs can find nothing wrong. They have told him he may have neuron damage from the treatments that is causing this but no exact diagnosis or offer of any treatment or other places to go. He is a husband and father who is very depressed and wishes he
had not survived. My son is a 7 year survivor of a BMT for leukemia and suffered many late effects, so I think this man feels I am someone that has some understanding of his frustration.I told him to never give up and perhaps psychological help would be wise.
Has anyone out there experienced anything like this or have any ideas ?



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    ****, I am sorry to hear that your friend is having troubles with weakness in his leg as an after effect of his therapy for cancer. This has happened to me as well though it did not show up in my case until 20 years after my radiation. It took several years to be able to finally document the nerve fibrosis that was causing my weakness. Unfortunately, it is a progressive problem for me and my legs are getting weaker. I will eventually be in a wheelchair, I think. I was really depressed when it happened to me, too. I could no longer work as a massage therapist because I couldn't keep my balance. I did do some counseling and realized that there are many valuable things I can still do that my weaknesses don't hamper. I also found a wonderful group of cancer survivors online at http://listserv.acor.org/archives/lt-survivors.html where there are others like me with nerve fibrosis. I have been educated there on how to deal with the many late effects that have cropped up because of my radiation therapy. It is a very supportive group that you and your friend may want to check out. You can also contact me directly [email protected]