Infertility & possible loss of relationship...

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My boyfriend is not sure that he can get past the *not having children* issue. I have 2 kids from a previous marriage... but he still keeps going back to wanting his own. I will let him go, if that is what he decides (how can you argue with a problem like that?) BUT I love him and this whole thing is just salt in my wound. Any advice will be appreciated...


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  • pittsburghpete
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    A lot of women (and men) who never had cancer but who have a couple of kids from a previous marriage dont want any more kids. You have to find someone who is in the same stage of life as you- happy to be a step dad but not a biological one.

    What if you were infertile for some other reason, like endometriosis? Would he leave you for that reason? If so, you are with the wrong guy (for you- he may be great for someone else).

    Value yourself highly enough that you expect, and require, a guy who values you just as much.