Update on Radiotherapy Tumor Ablation from Schuyler

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Hi Gang, I see there has been some interest on this procdure, so decided to post this rather than reply individually to Janet, Peg and Margaret. I am in contact with University of South Alabama and have qualified for this procedure, so I may have some first hand experience for you in a few weeks. Check out www.cancerlynx. com for information. Website for University of S. Alabama is "southalabama.edu/radiology". A forerunner in this procedure is a Dr. Patrick Sewell, Asst. Prof of Radiology I Surgery, Jackson MS. Website is www.umsmed.edu. This is part of Univ. of Mississippi. Ohio State also offers services. I am very excited about this. If you have any more questions, contact. me. As I said, hope to have some firsthand experience soon. Best to all, Schuyler


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    The correct term is RadioFrequency Ablation or RFA. Sorry, I was so excited when writing the first message. The best description of this is at the cancerlynx site. Schuyler
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    Hi, what stage cancer do you have? How did you qualify? I am 34 and have lung cancer, just heard about this. Please let us know how it goes...Jackie