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I just can't get over all the posts that have been left on this site since I came on board 1 year 5 months ago. Then there were just a couple of hundred. It still saddens me to think so many others must do what I have done.
Just wanted you all to know that I have reached the last issue to be addressed after 5 long years of fighting to be well once again. I finally convinced Doctors nothing would change as long as nauseated and throwing up often. It was becoming away of life one that I really didn't want any part of, my body acting anerexic when in fact I use to love food. Now food is just something I need to live each day to the fullest. Funny how that could be. Now that I have nausea controlled I am better able to eat with no gagging going on. Who wants to eat when you feel like you can't get it down. I found my whole life evolved around this horrid feeling and it got to a point that I could think of nothing else just trying told hold onto something. There was a point that I really thought I was going to have to learn to live like this and learn to quit listening to this body of mine even though it has been right ever time.
Now the pain controlled and nausea taken care of without being knocked out all the time. I am actually beginning to feel like my old self something I thought was never going to be possible. It was difficult trying and staying hopeful through these past years but somehow it has helped me move ahead one step at a time.
This chick indured and survived all right even when doctors told me there was little hope of my life being anything different. With good physical exercise program and good meds I am back bigger and better than I have ever been since cancer took its hold on me. That is a whole lot to be hopeful about and I am the one who did it all, knowing it started with me. I had to be the one to push beyond anywhere I had been before and I am now places I never thought possible, a very good thing. Here is hoping that others will find the hope they are looking for and hang onto it, because we truly have the answers inside of us we sometimes just have to dig deeper than we ever have before. I know that life is hard work and we have to be up for that challenge.
Love and Light to you all,
Being good to myself has helped allot too,
ps looking forward to returning to work in the next week or so after a very long hard year.


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    Hi Tara! Thanx for your words of inspiration. I'm so glad you're feeling better & ready to tackle the working world again. Take care, Geral
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    I am sooo glad you are feeling better and that your long road now seems to be ending, at least with the pain and nausea. You are such a trooper! proud you should be, of yourself because YOU knew you needed more and looked for it until you got it!!Yeah!!
    Keep Taking good care, Hug, Linda
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    Tara, its so good to hear that you're feeling better. You sound very positive and that plays a big part in our survival. Best of luck on returning back to work. It is very sad to see how many others have to travel the road we have, and to know there are thousands more out there. Best of luck with everything and I will keep you in my prayers.....as you would say"be good to yourself"......god bless, karin
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    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! So glad you're feeling better, and REALLY glad you realize YOU are the one who did it!!!! Prayers and best wishes that it just keeps getting better for you!!! God bless, Cyndi