swimsuits after radiation

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Hi all:
I had radiation treatments to my back and chest. They told me not to expose the area to the sun for a year after treatment. I am having troble finding a swimsuit that covers both areas. I am sure there are others that have had this problem. Does anyone know of a website or a place that sells swim wear for chemo/radiation patients? I know I can always cover up in a t-shirt... But would prefer not to. So far I haven't put on a suit but have a vacation coming up where we will be near water
Thanks, Lia


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    You might want to inquire with the following business: Heide's Mastectomy Services, 701 N. 6th Ave., Duluth, MN 55805, phone: 1-800-777-4596 or 1-218-722-7860, they have a brochure with a couple of 'yoke neck' design that may add to the coverage you were seeking. Best Wishes, Faith