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I am a lung cancer survivor (chemo, lobectomy + radiation in 2000 / 01.

I suffered the symptoms of Neuropathy following 6 treatments with Cysplatin / Vinorelbine. It seems that Chemotherapy agents do cause Neuropathy, particularli in hans, arms, feel & lower legs. It is unpleasant and can be a nagging worry. My Chemo finished in December 2000 and I still have some numbness in my middle toes. Also, I do have strange nerve sensations generally (like nettle stings) after exertions such as gardening. All I can say is that it very gradually reduces with time - I am now 19 months out of Chemo - and I have not been offered any drugs to counteract it. I suspect it's simply nerve damage that gradually repairs naturally and I would avoid drugs if I were you.