Family,Friends, And Morphine

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IT's hard to write this, especially when I cant spell anyway. But I cant beleive how mean I was- am thru all of this. I was mean to my family, didnt want to see my mom and dad, Pushed away all of my friends when they came out of the woodwork to support Me, but I just wanted to be left alone, arnt I an ****. Then came that wonderful dependency on morphine that I had been on since the beginning. For the last three weeks I have been weening Myself off this $#*? With the help of the Docs ofcorse. It has been like a bad dream. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, which I saw yesterday morn when I got up. I feel so much more in control now. But I do feel that if I would of known about this website before, it would of helped, especially knowing all of you were here. I had been alone all this time, and you guys were here the whole time. Monty L.


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    You are never alone with this Wemo. Trust your family to be there for you. You are alone in what you are feeling, but they are waiting for you to reach out.