music during treatment... please read, important.

jenny_harp Member Posts: 2
I was wondering for those who have been fighting cancer, if they listened to music during treatment? Music plays a very important part in my life, but I'm afraid it might remind me of treatment later on and I won't be able to enjoy it anymore..... does anyone have any thoughts on this? Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Thanks :)


  • marye
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    Hi Jenny,
    This is my first time to this site! I hope it isn't to long since you posted this for me to say something. The radio was on during all of my radiation treatments (Aug2000-October2000). I did get emotional a couple of times during radiation when I was alone in the room recieving treatment and certain songs would come on, but now it is only a memory. In other words, it doesn't bother me, and didn't even a few months later. There will always be a connection when I hear certain songs, like 99 red balloons, but I still love the song, I think even more because I have such a strong connection to it. What has your experience been?
  • smfreia
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    It has been since the summer of 1995 since I was diagnosed with cancer. There has not been a day since I have not thought about having cancer. Living will be your reminder of cancer, memories of treatment will fade--music will make you remember that you are a survivor.