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Hi all,

Sugar is sugar, so you are saying the cancer cells can tell the difference between the mineral one and the non mineral one.  Does not make much sense to me. Molases does contain various minerals that COULD have some benefits but probably the same as taking a multi vitamin without the risk of the added sugar which could make you gain weight. Sounds like another urban myth to me.  Like someone else said if it was that good of a cure the pharmaceutical companies would have been all over it with the low development cost and the high profits. Molases is a refined process product that most organic folks would have you stay away from.

Dave 3+4

Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

This is a chemical analysis of molasses and as you would expect the biggest constituent after water is sugar. There are various minerals as well and I suspect that they account for the laxative effect of the stuff.
The take away lesson is that if you want to avoid sugar do not eat molasses as it is thick with the stuff.

Best wishes,


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Plant Food,

I am sorry if my comment above “… it makes me laugh …” has upset you. I could have said that it just made me smile. However, among those published stories of cures in cancer (articles or videos) not even one case has been proven to be true. Each one of us is free to believe in whatever one likes but for me, after so many readings about cancer, its cause, means of existence and the ways used to fight it, it just doesn’t convince me that diet would ever manage to achieve cure in prostate cancer.

One may take actions to prevent cancer occurrences and achieve healthy parameters through diets but changing the “constitution” of a cell (on the fly) via diet in their life cycle reversing it to become benign or even kill it without a direct intervention of a poisonous chemical component, is like dreaming the impossible dream.

A Diet would achieve success in alternating the course of a cell if it manages to alter the sequences of its DNA and that alone requires a life time. Gene mutation is in fact the cause of cancer, and the forces driving it are numerous. Surely unhealthy diets can contribute to cancer initiation but it wouldn’t reverse the condition, curing it. Factors known to alter genetic materials on the fly for the worse (or good) are a burst of radiation. Second in line to lead to cancerous mutations are the carcinogen substances followed by virus, chronic inflammations and hormonal unbalances (stressful biorhythms alteration). Preventing it from happening is difficult but …. … maybe achievable. On the opposite side, the only way to reverse such mutations would be via our immune system but one must firstly to educate the immune army in identifying the targets. In other words, The Gene Therapy. However, we got so many bandits in our systems that this army would need to be transformed fully.

The truth is that the human body is well construed to live and survive (Darwin principles) so that death is unthinkable to happen by itself. One can die straight in an accident but natural death occurs only when some living systems (those functioning parts of the body) start switching off due to a bad mutation or aging. The occurrence creates havoc in our machine controlling life. This is encrypted in each and every cell (benign and cancerous) that signals the central system (when threatened), supposed to be in constant alert, to enter into action to recuperate and solve the malady. Sometimes it works against the odds by killing our own good cells or prohibiting an external delivered missile.

The video you share above leads to erroneous thinking that prostate cancer was cured with a diet. The explanation given seems more related to the results of the PSA than on the existence of cancer. You can manipulate the PSA as well as other antigens via substances, retarding the progress of a disease but such doesn’t complete the process in the elimination of cancer. For instance the hormonal treatment aims just that. Gene therapy may be our future way in dealing against cancer. For the moment it is very complicated and still in its infancy.

I would recommend you to do some researches on the facts behind cancer. You may be interested in reading the comment from a biologist regarding DNA repairs in this link.

Though I eat loads of vegetables (my preferred intake in a meal) I am sorry for not agreeing with you. Try being healthy avoiding what you dislike and enjoy life fully. Dairy is good if from cows of pasture as much as pizzas if done using natural grains. Too much of the same stuff is not good. Balancing diets with regular portions of fish, meat and vegetables is for me the best way to go. Soon I will reach the “Three scores and ten” and many of my switches will close down. I am ready for what it comes. I will miss to see man on Mars.





Max Former Hodg...
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Laughter in the face of overt absurdity is a normal and good thing. You certainly have nothing to apologize for, to anyone.

A good laugh will help you and us both.  It will certainly do more for our well-being than a glass of baking soda, at any rate.  I understand that you are a kindly and thoughtful man, but in some cases, well, reason is just not the most natural reaction.


Georges Calvez
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Hi Vasco,

I think the immune system does play a critical role in the genesis and growth of cancers.
I have a very strong immune system, I very rarely get colds, I never get flu, etc.  I attribute this to growing up on a farm and eating all sorts as a child and young adult.
I think that when my cancer developed, my immune system successfully stopped it from breaking out of the prostate and its environs, I may have metastases but I reckon the immune system along with the ADT is managing to stay on top of them for the moment.
Some people with T3a, T3b cancers relapse quite quickly but others manage to stay ahead of the game until old age.
I reckon that they have a tried and tested immune system that manages to sit on top of the little nests of cells until it starts to weaken with age.
Maybe you can do something about this with green tea, etc but it is possible that it is too late and you should have eaten a few earthworms as a child!

Best wishes,



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