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4 years

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Yes next month October 11 makes four years for me.Today went in for a C T scan i guess the focus seems to be on my remaing left kidney that had a RFA procedure done on it,also next month i will need to have my bladder scoped (still hate to go in for that)as for me being stressed im really kind of chilled out about the whole cancer thing how could i complain im in the best shape in years feel great damm life is good why waste it worrying oh well time to go Peace and Love to all of you.

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Well Limelife, we are all praying for NED and smooth sailing with your procedure! Your attitude is fabulous!



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Joined: Nov 2014

Wishing you NED on both cancer battle fronts!

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Posts: 476
Joined: Nov 2011

Peace and love i love every one of you

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Joined: Oct 2014

wishing you NED for both cancers


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..enjoy that 'glide!

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Joined: Nov 2011

Damm only 3 reponses for a 4 year cancer survivor who had RCC in both kidneys maybe i should whine more often anyways got the all clear thank all of u peace and love and like ive always said we are all special but at the same time the real heroes here are the ones who are stage 4 maybe im one but then again maybe not

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LaughingLimelife, that is great news!  So glad to hear it!  May you continue to get NEDs. Cool bike!  Enjoy the ride!


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Joined: Sep 2015

Wonderful news! Praying for your continued good health and for all of you dear friends on this site. Love to all.

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Definitely good news.  I do know that the longer you go the less chance of recurrence there is.  You should feel good!  You're one year away from a David Bowie song.


- Jay

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Well done! and many happy returns

Jason that damn Bowie song is the only thing that got me crying on the day I got my diagnosis. Well. that and Ronsons guitar solo to Moonage daydream. Dont tell anyone tho' coz I'm a tough as old boots, unflappable, blues guitar playing Londoner who never sheds a tear.





Actually films about puppies in peril get me every time

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Wishing you the very best, Limelife. And many, many happy rides! And btw, Jason and Footie, I love early Bowie!

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Joined: Nov 2014

Another great news, very-very wonderful! Keep kicking both cancers' asses!

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What treatment did you receive for your bladder cancer?

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Congratulations on the all clear after 4. I'll have my 4 year anniversary on October 24th. It won't be all clear but I'm still fighting and enjoying life!


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Joined: Mar 2012

David, hope your tests come out great as well! xxoo  Love the positive attitude!

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Joined: Jul 2015

You give me great hope, Limelife!  Congratulations!

Peace and love,


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Joined: Mar 2013

Hoping you a NED anniversary.



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Joined: May 2013

So happy for you! Keep the NEDS coming it is a boost for us all!


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Joined: Jun 2014

THanks for sharing Limelife.  4 years and counting sounds good.  My husband is 3 years in stage 4.  He is still fighting.  I'm hoping for many many many more anniversary's!  Keep sharing. 

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Great news ,keep up the positve attitude and no neds . I am 1and yrs ned free , hope all goes well .THanks for sharing it  gives me hope.

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congratulations!  I hope I have good news when my four years come by.  Basically only a year since stage 4 diagnosis and am handling sutent decently and am having quality of life.  I hope it continues

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