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Question for the Group

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Prostate cancer surgery in Feb of 2011, since that time I have had a number of issues. Cancer Brain for lack of a better term, depression, loss of energy, tiredness. I am a Viet Nam vet. So there are ptsd issues creeping back into my life. I have been going thru some of the postings and am seeing that there seems to be a lot of this in cancer surviors. My doctor says that I should not be seeing this. I was at stage T2C and final pathology report indicates that this might come back. My PSA numbers are moving up, but still in the undetectable range.

I do think and know that cancer surviors see life in a different sense. It is confusing to try and sort out all of the imformation at times.

The problem that I have at times is people that donot have cancer telling me how to treat this illiness.

Cancer is a life changing event.

I am trying to lead a normal life, but it is difficult.

Any input is welcomed.
I normally hang out in the PC forum.



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I am not what is deemed a long term survivor ...almost 9 months. I have a dx of ACC H/N. But I totally get wanting just to be better now ! People watching from the outside of things only mean to boost you up. I use to get very angry with comments, and the look. You know the one....I think we all do. The new us is another comment I am having issues with too...probably because I am not cancer free yet. Acceptance of what is and moving forward seems some days an uphill battle. But I think we can do it, with positive attitude and people that know the feelings we endure. Good luck Kurt ! Katie

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I must say I'm surprised your doctor said you shouldn't be experiencing depression/PTSD. I had cancer as a child, didn't understand how sick I was and don't remember a lot of the treatment. Yet, research has shown that treatment as a child is likely to cause depression later in life.

I can't begin to imagine how much worse it is for an adult who fully understands exactly what is going on, what could happen, has to make decisions about care and even take himself to the doctor. The stress of being and feeling ill will cause depression. And depression will impact your recovery.

In short ... Well, I don't want to say give your doctor the raspberry. Maybe ask him WHY he thinks you "shouldn't be seeing this." But really, I think you should find a mental health professional to work with. You feel what you feel and that's all that matters.

(In remission since 1974)

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