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TO ALL.....

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The thread : Alkaline water and its benefits
is a thread that dates back to 2009. If you click on the names,
you'll see that many have not posted since 2009-2010. The reason
for that, is that they are no longer with us. "Donna" for instance,
has departed long ago.

I too, forget at times to look at the date of the original thread's
posting, and add to a very old and outdated thread. Doing so
manages to bring back tears shed for people like "Donna", who
was so loved by so many.....

Please do not take offense to this note, we ALL find ourselves
posting to old threads at times.

I have contacted Greta a few times already, and have asked for the
old (archived) threads to be locked, making it impossible to add
posts to them. That would solve the problem! But alas, nothing
has been corrected as yet.

Perhaps if each of you ask Greta to forward our plea to stop allowing
postings to old threads, it will help the cause.

Every Forum board program has that capability, and it's up to the
"webmaster' to fix the coding.

It's bad enough to read of a death the first time around, but to see
new people posting to those that have long gone, is a painful redundancy.

Stay well,


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Posts: 2140
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Do You Want To Format Your Hard Drive?

MsgBox" 'Click OK to STOP Format of Hard Drive' " MsgBox" 'Are You Sure You Do NOT want to Format The HD?' " MsgBox" 'Now Formatting Hard Drive' " MsgBox" 'TRICK OR TREAT?'" MsgBox" 'TRICK OR TREAT?'" MsgBox" 'TRICK OR TREAT?'" MsgBox" 'TRICK OR TREAT?'" MsgBox" 'TREAT OR FORMAT, LAST CHANCE!'" MsgBox" 'Now Formatting Hard Drive' "
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Thanks for the laugh - always good to smile :).
Sending you virtual candy across the scary web -
watch out for the spiders ;).

Happy Halloween :<( !

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What did you do to my hard drive - I said no :)

Happy Halloween :) Kim

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I must say this was an enjoyable thread to read. All the right characters for a knock down drag out debate gone bad, and yet it didnt happen!! I can see everyone point but my vote (as if it matters) would be to show the data but lock from any one from posting to it.
It's really good to every getting along. Tom

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Happened again, with long time members sending messages of hope to the dearly departed.

I'm reminded of working at a company where most (not all) of our email was stored on the server. When the server would go off-line, you could only see the messages from the last time you manually synched, typically several week previous. This often resulted in panicked, reply all messages that could be pretty humorous, even if they were sometimes career damaging.


Have you ever asked Greta if locking the threads was even possible?

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Thought I just saw that. Might be best just to lock up these post from further posting after a certain amount of time.


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Hi Blake !

Greta PM'd me on 11/04/11, to tell me that she is still looking into it.

Since there's no "webmaster" listed on the site, there's no way we
can address it to a "higher level", and I doubt Greta would appreciate
anyone doing so (or maybe she would?).

There are very few BBS software packages that do not have the
ability to prevent posting to old threads (they don't use a database
management system like MySQL), but programs of this forum's
magnitude are usually expected to have the ability.

The word "lock" seems to raise the hair follicles of the average
user, and perhaps using the wording: "prevent posting to", may
generate a better understanding of what's needed.

And to underscore again, for readers that miss the point:

It isn't about "feeling bad, sorry, unhappy, etc" about having
to read the words of the departed....

It is about having unsuspecting people posting questions to,
and/or expecting answers from, other individuals that are
long gone.

There is absolutely no valid reason to regenerate a thread that
has been moved to the archives. If the topic is that old, and the
topic is desired to be revisited, then a new thread should be started.

There are very, very few BBS websites that -do not- prevent
posting to archived threads, and most all will archive anything
more than 6 months old.

I hope that explains the entire matter better?

(good seein' ya', Blake!)

Best to all,



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