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Checking back in to the board

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Hi to everyone, I have been away from these boards for a while and thought i would check back in.  i was diagnosed at aget 46 in 2014 with stage 4 RCC and a 18cm tumor in my kidney and 2 additional tumors in each of my adrenal glands.  Since then i have had a radical nephrectomy and went into a trail for one of the PDL-1 therapies.  that worked for 18 months with no growth and since then i have been slowly working my way through targeted therapies (3years on Sutent, 18 months on Cabo and a brief miserable experience with Enlytia)  Cabo started to wear out its welcome so my doctor currently has me on Opdivo with the possibility of additng Cabo back if things show progression.

All-in-all i have learned to live with it and continue my life.  I still only have the one Met in my remaining adreanal gland, although the gland still functions.  wating to see what this treatment does and then onto whatever will be next.

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Thanks for sharing your journey, the fight with RCC is all about time, the longer you stay at the war, the more weapons (drugs) will become available. Take care!

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Treatment options sure have changed over recent years. Best wishes for continued successful management without any troublesome side efffects.

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Thanks for checking in and sharing your journey.  By doing so, you've helped a lot of people.

Take care!


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