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I posted in here back in 2017/2018 when a  complex kidney cysts was found. Long story after multiple scans/test & a second opinion I was told that they didn't need to checked anymore.


Fastfoward 2021- I have been having spells weird head feeling dizziness, blood pressure spikes, repeated busted blood vessels in eyes and recently found high glucose in uring. I have done some research, but not finding much to help.

Did anyone experience these symptoms? Are they known symptoms of complex kidney cyst that have grown large or are cancerous?


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    I don't have the answers, but

    I wouls tru and get repaeat scans.







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    I agree with iceman hope you can figure out what's going on.

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    hi i had diagnosed with

    hi i had diagnosed with complex cyst left kidney,2.8 cm.No any symphtoms before or after,but my tumor was outer kidney,inside cyst out tumor.Yeaer after was diagnosed with cancer,and after surgery upstaged to 3 stage rcc

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    The most important factor for

    The most important factor for a complex cyst is how "complicated" it is? if there is any septation, solid components and etc. Some smaller cysts are more dangerous than others.  But if they have multiple scans and decide no need to do follow-up, likely it is Benign (most complex cysts are benign anyway).


    I would suggest at least do an Ultrasound every year or every 6 months just for the peace of mind. And US works well with cysts.

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    Have you had a thorough

    Have you had a thorough workup by your primary care doctor? Those symptoms could be caused by many different things, not necessarily any kidney problem. Good luck finding out what the problem is.